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Sunday, May 28, 2006
  Castle Rock Hiking
Castle Rock is one of our favorite state parks around Santa Cruze Mountain area. Even though it is an hour away from where we live, we still manage to visit it from time to time.

Saratoga Gap trial has a good mix of features. We enjoy the view of mixed evergreens and redwood forest and the breezy air around us.

A breath taking view of the endless Santa Cruz mountains.

There are many rock formations in the park. The caves and pockets are carved due to the weather.

Along the trail, you get to climb some rocky slopes, which are fun as well

Wildflowers are everywhere. We believe this one is a family of orchid.
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  Luo Dai Village
During the labor day holiday, I went and visited my father in Chengdu. Two of us took a day and visited a little Hakka village close to Chengdu.

The Hakkas are a unique ethnic group of "Han" in China with very interesting history. You will find more information about them simply by searching "Hakka" on line. This village, Luo Da, is one of the Hakka settlement in Sichuan province.

After over two hours trip, we were a bit tired and not yet ready to dive into the crowd again. So we find a nice place on top of the little hill facing the town and enjoyed some tea, fruit, along with the nice scene and breeze.

We even took a walk up the hill and visited the other side

OK, now let's get to the crowded street to see what this town is all about.

The Hakkas treat written words as something sacred, to the extend that any paper with words written on it should not be handled carelessly. So here is the tower where all the paper with words being destroyed, by burning.

Lunch time, as usual, we went for something unusual. Each bow cost about 1 to 2 yuan (one quarter), and each person orders at least two of them. Because of such popular demands, you have to carry all the bowls out ourselves. It is amazing that no one tipped it over and made a mess during the time that we were there.

There were so many customers that the restaurant ran out of tables.
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