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Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 7
Last full day on the island, we decided to go for a long walk. After checking the map, we noticed a state park on the other side of the island and decided to go there for a day.

The waterfall sure is beautiful. But I am afraid that is as good as it gets. There are no hiking trails around here and you cannot get to the bottom either. So much for all the preparation we made for the hiking.

We arrived home early than expected so we decide to sit outside and enjoy the sunset one more time.

We figured out how to work with camera to offset the brightness of the sun and took another one, which is even nicer with the shadow of the trees.

Last night on this nice island, we were just relaxing by the ocean, wishing we had one more week to go.
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 6
Capt. Cook

We rented a kayak and paddle ourselves to this place, which is only accessible through the water. We also rented snorkel gear and had a lot of fun there. Shane even got a chance to swim right on top of a turtle for about 3 minutes! Too bad our camera was not water-proof so we didn't dare to take it with us.
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 5
Heard of green sand beach? There is one on the Big Island. We heard from a co-worker, saw it on the Big Island map, read it on the tour guide.

Instead of going to farmers market to taste all the tropical, exotic, cheap fruits, seeing how macadia nuts are processed, we decided to find this place. so we walked, wanna quit, walked,
saw a lady who did quit, walked more, ready to give up, walked...

There it is! A secluded area with green sand! Not many people know about this place, or they just simply give up for walking about an hour.

The warning sign said precisely that you can't take sand home. What we got out of this? Sun burn, near dehydration, dirty foot, and satification!
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 4
We decided to take a little break and stayed in town that day. In the morning, we had an exciting parasailing experience.

In the evening, we went to a Luau up north. Here is the photo that I took when they digging up the cooked meat.

The hightlight of the whole evening would be the this one. These are the shots that I grabbed from the film that I took.
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 3
Wash up the dirt and sweat from the volcano exploration, It is time for some water activities.

Pier of Kona coast. Later on, we learned this is a great snorkeling place as well. Actually, you can see some of the tropical fish near the shore without getting wet.

Since neither of us was good swimmers and scuba diving is not an option, we took the submarine tour to get deep into the sea.

The sunk ships always gather lots of fish in the sea.

Later in the afternoon, the boat took us to snorkeling.

  Vacation on Big Island, Day 2
View from our condo patio we stayed. June is the rainy season. The sky is crystal clear and blue in the morning, and clouds start to built up in the afternoon, and clear again during the night.

Hawaii Volcano National Park is two hours away from Kona. It is on the east side of the island.

Our goal for the day is to hike to where that "big hole" is.

Lava tube cave is where fluid lava has flown over the surface. This is the largest and most vertically extensive lava tube in the world. Only a small portion of this lava tube has been developed for tourist. With a flashlight and some snacks, you can start an advantage and explore the remaining on your own. Too bad we didn't bring our flashlight which is safely packed in our suitcase.

1920's lava. Pile of rocks indicate directions. Without them, we won't know where we are going in some cases.

There were not many foot traffic on the lava and in the rain forest. Most of the sightseeing areas are accessible via car.
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 1
From June 3rd to June 10th, we went to Big Island, Hawaii for a week long vacation. Big island, as stated in its name, is the biggest island in Hawaii, and still growing in size.

We arrived in the afternoon, and this is the Kona airport. Later on, we learned that there is at least three airport on the Big Island.

It is pretty unique how the waiting areas are constructed. With the tent like buildings with open end, palm trees and exotic flowers, we feel like stepping into a tribal environment. Well, ignore the big airplane and the noises of course.

Once we settled in our condo, we enjoyed delicious Hawaiian BBQ and smooth Macadamia Martini with the ocean view, and just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

See the Lei we bought in the airport, only costs $4. The aromatic scent of the lei is bit strong for Lianxin though.
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