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Sunday, April 29, 2007
  Seventeen-Mile Drive
With my in-laws in town help taking care of the mother-to-be, we decided to re-visit seventeen-mile drive, hoping for a better weather. I also wanted to take a photo of each vista point for this blog. As you can soon see, the weather turned out to be as cloudy as this place usually is, and so I just took some shots for this trip.

Shepherd's Knoll is the first place if you follow the direction. You are supposed to see all the way into the Monterey Bay and mountains on the other side of the bay.

Huckleberry Hill is really nice to go in and just walk around. You don't really feel that you are on top of the hill because of the bushes.

Because of the cloud, we skipped directly to the ones by the ocean, starting with Spanish Bay. When we visited last time, there was a big dog running loose on the beach and loved to play catch.

The ocean is always like this at Spanish Bay, sometimes we wonder why there were never surfers. My guess is that $9 entrance fee.

Restless Sea. It is said that the sea looks restless because that the rocks in the water breaks the waves early.

Bird Rock. It is said that the birds are here for fertilization. Sometimes you can even hear the sound of the sea lions.

They are all over the places begging for food. Cute eh? I think they do get a lot of food because man are they overweight. On the other hand, I don't really think people are supposed to feed them.

If you google on "Seventeen-Mile Drive", this picture of Lone Cypress is probably what shows up.

Ghost Tree: I wonder what it will feel like to walk around here in the dark.
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