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Monday, February 06, 2006
  Snowboarding at South Lake Tahoe
Finally I was able to have my first snowboarding trip for the season! As usual, I was able to find a buddy who was willing to go for just two days with long drives. So leaving on Saturday morning at 6 a.m. and we headed to South Lake Tahoe.


Heavenly is one of my favorite snowboarding resorts. You would not be able to know why from this picture because at the time we reached here (11:30 a.m.) it was still snowing hard and blowing strong wind. But I was here and I was happy, even despite all the people! (Shouldn't they be home for super bowl weekend???)

Oh, yeah... Lots of snow and wind. Oh well, fresh powder!

By the afternoon, the sky cleared up! Hey I could really see where I was going.

And this is why I love heavenly. You can see the lake Tahoe almost everywhere from the resort. Unfortunately, the highest point of the resort was closed otherwise the scene would have been even better.

Sierra at Tahoe

On the second day we decided to try out another resort near by, Sierra at Tahoe. It turned out to be great for me because with so few people and so wide slope, I could really practice on my turns.

You can also see the lake Tahoe from the peak. Although I paid dearly for this picture because the only way down was a black diamond run with bumps, lots and lots bumps.

Here is the view from most of the other runs. Trees and lots of snow mountains.

And I was finally tired, really really tired.
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