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Saturday, April 08, 2006
  Xi'an DaYan Tower (西安大雁塔)
Xi'an is an ancient city in China, which used to be the capital of several dynasties. I am staying here on a business trip so the next few posts will be about the places that I go here.

This is the DaYan tower. There are water show every night. This time we were not able to catch it. But I will have another blog post with neat pictures.

At night, many people come here for a walk. It is has a plaza on either (north and south) side of the tower with nice layout. The trees and flowers sure have made it even nicer.

On the west side of the side walk, you can see a few people practice the art of Chinese handcraft writing. The brush is specially built so that they don't need to bend down to write. I believe the handle is empty inside and filled with water so that he can keep writing for a long time.

I chatted with this person. He told me that he comes here every evening and practice. In the end, I asked him to write one character for me and recorded the process. After that, I took this picture.

This character is pronounced "Wu", and it stands for "Dance".
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