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Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 2
View from our condo patio we stayed. June is the rainy season. The sky is crystal clear and blue in the morning, and clouds start to built up in the afternoon, and clear again during the night.

Hawaii Volcano National Park is two hours away from Kona. It is on the east side of the island.

Our goal for the day is to hike to where that "big hole" is.

Lava tube cave is where fluid lava has flown over the surface. This is the largest and most vertically extensive lava tube in the world. Only a small portion of this lava tube has been developed for tourist. With a flashlight and some snacks, you can start an advantage and explore the remaining on your own. Too bad we didn't bring our flashlight which is safely packed in our suitcase.

1920's lava. Pile of rocks indicate directions. Without them, we won't know where we are going in some cases.

There were not many foot traffic on the lava and in the rain forest. Most of the sightseeing areas are accessible via car.
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