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Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Vacation on Big Island, Day 5
Heard of green sand beach? There is one on the Big Island. We heard from a co-worker, saw it on the Big Island map, read it on the tour guide.

Instead of going to farmers market to taste all the tropical, exotic, cheap fruits, seeing how macadia nuts are processed, we decided to find this place. so we walked, wanna quit, walked,
saw a lady who did quit, walked more, ready to give up, walked...

There it is! A secluded area with green sand! Not many people know about this place, or they just simply give up for walking about an hour.

The warning sign said precisely that you can't take sand home. What we got out of this? Sun burn, near dehydration, dirty foot, and satification!
We went in June 2006 and it was the highlight of our trip because of it's hard to get to and out of location. I must say that no one will ever forget our adventure as we hicthed a ride in a locals girls truck and bottomed out at every turn. We had parked ours at the beginnning where the sign said no vehicles beyond this point. It was well worth the effort. The Local that lives in the area is not friendly though however and owns a backhoe that he used to dumped Lava Boulders in the best path for our vehicle while we enjoyed our visit at the southern most point and swam in the ocean. So our trip back was tedious as the men in the party had to get out and lift boulders and toss them to the side of thre trail so that we could pass. This Local also welcomes the tourists with a stautue of a hawaian with chains binding him and a sign that says free Hawaii. You will never see or do anything like this again but it is not for over 40 or under 12. It is a very long hike and many give up. Jeep or 4x4.
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